Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What format must I upload in?
A: Mp3 or Wav files is acceptable, we supply a link to a third party convertor if you need to change the format prior to uploading. This is available on your events page.

Q:What if I upload the wrong song?
A: Continue and upload the correct song, then contact me on facebook, email or mobile to let me know which one you would like to have removed.

Q: Whats the largest file size I can upload?
A: up to 150mb (megabytes)

Q: I clicked upload but nothing happened?
A: If you did not see a red error , then give it some time to upload as you may find its related to your internet connection speeds. Sometimes files can take up to 20 minutes on some of the slowest speeds in Australia.

Q: My file is on a CD disc and it won’t upload please help!
A: The older technology of a CD doesn’t allow you to “Click & Drag” files onto your computer. You will need to find a laptop or PC with whats called a “Ripper or a CD Burner Drive”. These particular drives allow you to extract the CDA music files onto a PC which in turn can either be uploaded onto the website if already in the correct format or through the audio converter first, to ensure it is in MP3 or WAV format then uploaded.

CD’s are highly unreliable, and make the task of playing your music on the day a much greater task. The programs and players used to play these sometimes are not compatible with your files and refuse to play on the laptops provided on the day.